LUCASSIN® is indicated for the treatment of patients with

  • hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) type 1 who are actively being considered for a liver transplant.
    HRS Type 1 is a condition in which the kidneys suddenly fail to work in a person with severe liver disease. HRS Type 1 is a life-threatening complication of severe liver disease. The cause of HRS-1 is not fully understood. It is thought to be due to the kidneys drastically reducing their own blood flow, in response to large changes in blood flow in other parts of the body caused by severe liver disease. Lucassin® works by improving blood flow in the kidneys.
  • bleeding oesophageal varices
    Bleeding oesophageal varices are bleeding veins in the lower end of the foodpipe in people with serious liver disease. When the liver is diseased, there is less blood flowing through it. This causes the blood to ‘back up’ in the veins in the lower end of the food pipe (and upper part of the stomach). The veins in the lining of the food pipe (and stomach) then become very large and stretched, much like varicose veins. Because the vein are also very fragile, they can rupture and then bleed severely into the stomach. Lucassin®acts to stop the bleeding by lowering the blood pressure in the veins of the food- pipe.

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