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INOmax DSIR® Plus continues innovation in INOMAX delivery

Intuitive design and upgraded safety features make INOmax DSIR® Plus the next evolution in INOmax delivery. Capitalising on the standard of care provided by the INOmax DSIR®, our pursuit of innovation brings features designed to support uninterrupted drug delivery.

INOmax DSIR® Plus delivery systems are designed with many function features that
support quality care and patient safety

  • State-of-the-art innovation
  • Compact size and weight (5.3 kg)
  • Patient safety features include comprehensive alarm offerings, integrated backup systems, and a dose that cannot be set without a valid INOmax Cylinder
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Alarm help tabs are cleared automatically upon alarm resolution. They can also be closed manually (even if the alarm is active)
  • Automation for key procedures, including low calibration and purge. On-screen step-by-step instructions for the performance check
  • Dynamic usability with screen graphics for clarity of directions, animations to indicate dose settings, and specific reminders to indicate which action to take
  • Intuitive interface for comprehensive monitoring allows quick access to patient and diagnostic information, including easy reference to a detailed alarm history
  • Backup NO delivery capability

To find out if your ventilation systems are compatible with INOmax DSIR Plus, or to schedule an appointment with an INOmax Critical Care Business Manager, call our 24/7 Customer Care Line: 1300 198 565.

Format File Size
PDF INOblender Operation and Maintenance Manual 28.9 KB
PDF INOmax DSIR Plus Operation and Maintenance Manual 28.9 KB

INOmax DSIR® The Ultimate Nitric Oxide Delivery System. Smart. Assured. Intuitive.

The INOmax DSIR is Smart.The INOmax DSIR has reminders prompting you to turn off INOmax when your dose is set to zero. It provides integrated monitoring of NO, NO2 and O2. A twelve hour purge window following the pre-use procedure provides greater flexibility when time is critical.

The INOmax DSIR is Assured. The INOmax DSIR offers greater safety assurance with two independent back-up delivery options*. The INOblender offers users adjustable INOmax dosing of 5ppm – 80ppm with manual ventilation. A second back-up system offers uninterrupted ventilation and fixed flow of INOmax at the turn of a switch. The INOmax DSIR has enhanced visual and audible alarms for quick responses.

The INOmax DSIR is Intuitive. The INOmax DSIR is designed for rapid responses with an intuitive touch screen, user friendly navigation and real time colour display.

The INOmax DSIR is provided as part of the all inclusive INOtherapy offering.
*Compared to the INOvent

Format File Size
PDF INOblender Operation and Maintenance Manual 6.62 MB
PDF INOmax DSIR Operation and Maintenance Manual 7.57 MB