6 April 2020

Dear Valued Customer

We would like to inform you that Mallinckrodt Australia iscommitted to the implementation of precautionary measures in regards to infection prevention and control against COVID-19.

As you are aware it is the recommendation that dedicated disposable consumables are used throughout this crisis, but we understand that in the case of large items of capital equipment this is not always possible.

We would like you to be assured that when equipment leaves our facility we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the equipment has been cleaned appropriately andwithin the current COVID-19 Infection and Prevention Guidelines.

As per your INOmax Total Care™ Services Agreement with Mallinckrodt Australia, you will be aware that from time to time it is necessary for equipment to be returned to our RSC (Regional Service Centre) for servicing and preventative maintenance.

To further support us in our endeavor to minimize COVID-19 transmission,we ask you to ensure that the following protocol be actioned before device, drug cylinders et al are returned to our facility.

Please do the following:


  • Wipe down both the head of the DSIR+ and the INOBlender with hospital grade disinfectant (avoid directly spraying onto surfaces).
  • Ensure all cables and hoses are wiped down – including oxygen hose and power cable.
  • Remove all consumables-i.e.water separator cartridges(often get missed) before return
  • Clean out water trap bottle.


  • Wipe down with anti microbial wipes.


  • Wipe down and leave at the back of device or keep it in a bag.


  • Wipe down with anti microbial wipes prior to collection.


  • Wipe thoroughly before being packaged up for collection.

Should you have any further questions, please  contact your local Mallinckrodt Critical Care Representative or our Technical Support Service Team on 1300198565.

Best regards,
Steven J. Skorobogaty
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
Ikaria Australia Pty Ltd, a Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Company

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