Research & Development

Harnessing powerful molecules for powerful therapies

Research and development is vital for professionals and patients in the critical care community. The unmet needs of critically ill patients are a powerful motivator for the scientists of Ikaria. Investigating the potential additional benefits of INOMAX® (nitric oxide) for inhalation is an ongoing journey. And, we are pursuing the development of new critical care therapies across the spectrum of drugs and drug-delivery system combinations.

Where it all begins

We are equipped and staffed to conduct state-of-the-art synthetic chemistry, analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, formulation, pharmacology, and toxicology studies. This is where ideas are born.

Molecules that are critical to critical care

Our drug development program runs deep. Endogenous signaling molecules, such as  nitric oxide (NO), are naturally produced by the body and are powerful influencers of many cellular functions.1-4  Recent discoveries show that NO—when delivered properly in low doses—may demonstrate several essential critical care benefits.

New on the horizon

Ikaria is studying bioabsorbable cardiac matrix (BCM),* a potential treatment for preventing cardiac remodeling5 and subsequent congestive heart failure following acute myocardial infarction.†6


IK-5001 – Licensed from BiolineRx (BL-1040).
† In animal disease models.
‡ IK-600X portfolio– Licensed from Fibrex Medical (FX06FX201FX107)

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